Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free Autoresponder

I wanted to make this post because I stumbled across the The Unofficial ListWire Video Course If you have not heard of it yet:

List Wire is a free autoresponder service, it offers many of the same features, as the expensive autoresponder services out their.

The only problem is their wasn't much info on how to use list wire.

Untill my friend Daddy Danimal created a complete video course with 18+ lessons covering every thing you will need to know and then some about list wire with plans to add even more

Best of all just like the listwire autoresponder service The "Unofficial" List Wire Video Course Is FREE!!!

like i said You should definitely check it out I know I found it very informative so I figured I would share it with you all you can get it for FREE! AT:

Get a listwire account at:

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