Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 SEO Facts You Need To Know Now...

10 SEO Facts That Will Simultaneously Make You Pissed Off – & Thrilled…

Original Post By Chris Rempel on October 29th, 2012

As you probably know, the past couple months we have seen tumultuous changes in the SEO world. Many online business people have gone under, also many have simply walked away from the online business altogether.

With the latest Penguin refresh, Google’s “EMD filter” and other noticeable changes in how rankings are obtained – one thing is for certain: Things Are Drastically Different, Now.

Fact #1: You Can Rank Much, Much Faster Than Ever Before

Fact #2: 90% of Those Rankings Will Not Last Longer Than 2-3 Months

Fact #3: Link Spam, Paid Links, High PR Comments, Blog Networks, etc… Still Working Like Clockwork

Fact #4: Social Signals Basically Mean Nothing Right Now – Anomalies & Manual Reviews Aside

Fact #5: Google Doesn’t Care About “Quality Content”, Which is Both Good & Bad

Fact #6: Most Conventional “SEO Wisdom” is BS. Focus Solely on ROI to Succeed

Fact #7: Organic Traffic is Now Akin to Advertising – You Pay For Temporary Traffic, Then You Pay Again for More

Fact #8: SEO-Driven Authority Sites Are Just Too Risky

Fact #9: Traffic is Way More Valuable Than Ever Before…

Fact #10: Google Has Finally Killed the Quality Niche Content Publishing Model.

Final Takeaway: SEO is No Longer a Retirement Strategy. But You Can Still Exploit it to Build Something Bigger…

Read entire Post here: It’s a bit long but its spot on. Most everyone else is off the mark with regard to SEO now and going forward. Chris Rempel knows his stuff…

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